Tuesday, June 3, 2014

From a Marketing Maven: How to Build a Successful Team and Solve Problems Creatively

Innovation and wisdom are polar opposites, right? Alicia Arnold, SVP of Account Director at Hill Holliday, proves it is possible to have both qualities. She shared with us her view on the future of marketing, leadership, and a different approach to solving business problems. 

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  1. Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know.  I'm a lifelong learner. I hold a Bachelor's in Management, an MBA in Marketing, and an MS in Creativity, Innovation, and Change Leadership. I've also taken classes in furniture making, pottery, jewelry making, cooking, tennis, Zumba, Mandarin, interior design, real estate, snorkeling, scuba diving (did I mention I can't swim), photography, writing, and inventing.
  2. What has been your criterion for taking on new activities/learning experiences? Do you have a strategy or is it just whatever inspires you? How do you feel these areas of interest have helped you professional experience/skills? How would you motivate others to take on learning new subjects? When it comes to taking on new activities and learning experiences, I look for things that give me energy. It's more of an exploration. Learning new things and exploring different interests provides a good canvas for relating to situations, relating to people, and coming up with ideas. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Women in Wireless presents Wearable Tech: The Next Fashion Frontier

Join us for our M1 WIW panel, "Wearable Tech: The Next Fashion Frontier". Use the code WOMENINWIRELESS for a 40% discount on admission.

We will look at the wearable tech space today. As fashion houses, retailers and mobile companies are collaborating to create and market the next generation of smart accessories that will appeal to a broad market.

Meet some of the hot and engaging wearable tech companies that are poised to become fashion brands themselves, and uncover what it takes to capture consumer -and investor dollars. While this space is ever changing the panel will also explore what is required for a mobile app company to think about competing in this space.

Get your tickets here: m1summit.com

When: Tuesday May 20th 8am- 6pm
Where: Grand Hyatt New York109E 42 Street, NYC


Margaux Guerard Founder + CMO, Memi
Claude Aldridge, Founder + CEO, Trellie
Jeanniey Mullen, Former CEO, Wearable Collective
Scott Lux, VP E-Commece + Multi-Channel Strategy, Diesel
Andrew Mitchell, Partner, Brand Foundry
Deepa Sood, Founder + CEO, Cuff
Moderated by Heidi Lehmann, WIW Advisory Board Member & Advisor to Trellie

Get your ticket today, and use the 40% off Women in Wireless Discount Code: WOMENINWIRELESS

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Women in Wireless San Francisco Announces 2014 Mentorship Program

The San Francisco chapter of Women in Wireless is thrilled to announce our Mentorship Program!

This year we've designed a unique program to give mentor/mentee pairs an opportunity to sharpen their skills, flex their creative muscle, and partake in a valuable real-world learning project.

The program has 3 phases that each pair will work on together, then present to an industry leader and a small group for constructive, positive feedback:
  • 1: Develop an idea for how mobile technology could improve life in developing areas  
  • 2: Craft and present a VC pitch
  • 3: Build a go-to market plan to bring your idea to life

Mentors and Mentees will be required to attend 4 Women in Wireless events throughout the year to sync up with each other and to showcase their work (about once every 6 weeks).

This is an incredible opportunity to advance your personal and professional development through a direct partnership with other innovative, brilliant, and connected Women in Wireless.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are You Prepared for a Mobile-Connected Lifestyle?

Pontiac, MI 

Twitter: @mobilecomply
Facebook: Mobile Comply

It is no secret that mobile has changed the way we live, work, learn, communicate... basically insert any daily activity and mobile has revolutionized it. However, many organizations still fall short in accommodating the demand for mobile technology as it becomes more pervasive. Elaina Farnsworth, CEO of Mobile Comply, recognized the need to support the demand which fueled starting the company.  Today she and her company are actively engaged in training and certifying IT professionals on mobile solutions.

What is your elevator pitch? What problem are you trying to solve? 
Mobile Comply is a mobile technology training firm that teaches organizations how to use mobile devices, applications, and mobile tools in their enterprises in a strategic and engaging way.
Our vision is to empower individuals and organizations with competence and professional excellence in building and sustaining effective mobile ecosystems. Toward that end, we provide mobile training solutions, courseware, curriculum development and strategy.

Where do you see the mobile landscape in 5 years?
The world of M-to-M (mobile-to-mobile) technologies will be our new reality in 5 years. The connected vehicle, appliance, streetlamp, wearable device,  health monitors - everything that can have a chip in it will, and those devices will send out messages: to parents, to first responders, to teachers, etc. The implications are huge.

What kind of company culture are you trying to create?
Our core values are: we empower excellence, we act with integrity, we have a passion for learning and teaching, we influence ethical practices, we embrace innovation, we improve society, we set the quality standards in mobility certifications, we value diversity, we respect all people, and we support each other.  I think Mobile Comply is a great place to work, we attract bright, happy and future-thinking people to our team.

What do you think is the most interesting trend in mobile right now? What trends would you like to see in the future?
The trend I see happening is the extremely rapid change in the mobile device environment  - in education, enterprise, and government.  For example, going from BYOD to organizationally-owned devices. Last year it was about MDM (mobile device management) and this year its about EMM (enterprise mobility management). Coming up next is FYOD - (fix your own device).
How the devices are functioning within an organization is changing. In the past, the focus for IT managers was on "How do I manage these devices?" to the present, which is now "How do I protect the data on these devices?"
The trend I am looking forward to most is M-to-M (mobile-to-mobile) technologies - how the car will communicate with your phone and with your heart monitor, for example. Our biggest mission is that we want to teach people and organizations how to manage these advances in the right way - ethically and responsibly.