Thursday, June 9, 2011

Digiday Panel: "Man Smart, Women Smarter"

On June 9th, Women in Wireless and Digiday presented a panel on industry trends from the perspective of women investors: "Man Smart, Women Smarter." Check out the video below.


Mommy bloggers and social gaming aren't the only trends being driven by women. In fact, women aren't just driving trends, they are spotting them early and investing heavily in them. In this session, some of the industry's most strategic visionaries -- that just so happen to be members of the fairer sex -- share their views on the online marketing landscape, the trends that are shaping the online world, and where they are investing their marketing capital.

Moderator: Marci Weisler, Digital Advisor, Tipping Point Partners

Speakers: Darcy Frisch, Vice President, Strategic Investment, Hearst Interactive Media
Allison Goldberg, Vice President, Time Warner Investments
Francine Sommer, Special General Partner, Village Ventures
Dayna Grayson, Principal, North Bridge Venture Partners
Kailah Matyas, Managing Partner, Redwood Partners

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