Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spotlight On: Ashley Brown

Name: Ashley Brown
Company:  Self
Location: Boston, MA

1. A little on your expertise… I have done a lot in marketing in a short amount of time since graduating.  For instance I have worked on projects including client mobile ad inventory management, an email newsletter (for Women in Wireless), social media strategy plans, building a mobile app directory, event planning, market research, and catalog design. I love art. The subject matter and medium don’t matter as much to me as seeing something grow from a blank canvas to a beautiful and captivating product. To that end, many of my projects have dealt with creating engaging experiences for startups/small businesses, which allows me to see transformation on many levels.

2. Why did you join Women in Wireless? During college I had the pleasure of interning for two summers at Jumptap, a well-known mobile ad network.  While interning there I met Diana and kept in touch. I found out about Women in Wireless and about how I could be involved even as a recent college grad. Based on on my experience and the personal relationships I’ve been fortunate to make, I have definitely seen that while being new and rapidly growing multi-faceted industry mobile is interestingly enough and surprisingly male-dominated. I was excited about the opportunity to interact and communicate with successful women. Who wouldn’t be right?

3. What is your favorite thing about mobile? Mobile is no longer niche-specific, and it is quickly becoming more ubiquitous across demographics. For example, a smartphone seamlessly operates in a myriad of settings and functions. Once a Blackberry fan, I now own an iPhone. Siri is amazing.  A virtual friend and, personal concierge for some, and more roles than I can think of to so many fans of the iPhone. The word mobile itself means many things to many people and the focus can entail topics ranging from advertising to content to gaming an much more. My phone is use for way more than calls and texting with friends and families. What excites me even more is that mobile has become so ubiquitous in just a few short years and I’m right in the middle of it all. The possibilities for the future are astounding.

4. What do you think is the hottest trend in wireless right now? Not too long ago, the sole purpose of a smartphone was to be productive. Somewhere along the way we were distracted by social media and gaming. Google’s app for Google Drive brings smartphones back to their core of productivity. There are plenty of apps for note taking, calendars, and everything in between but not nearly as much for working directly with assignments.

5. What is your favorite app? It’s so hard to pick. What’s interesting about this question is the context because I have favorite apps for different things. At the moment, I am in love with the ShopWell and Lemon apps. As someone who is committed to healthy habits—for both my wallet and my personal health—I love that they allow me to proactively understand where I can improve in their respective functionalities.

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