Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spotlight On: MOWA

Company: MOWA (
Location: New York City

1. What is your “elevator pitch”? What problem are you trying to solve?  MOWA is a mobile photo sharing game where you can win unique fashion items.It’s a mix between the best features of Instagram and Fab, because on MOWA you post pictures to win well designed prizes sponsored by up and coming brands. But on MOWA you win… for free. We are the first platform to introduce this as an element of social media while aggregating different brands in the same platform.The problem we are solving is: no one is getting any reward for their activities in social media, other than the social rewards. With MOWA we want to connect brands with users, so users can finally be rewarded for sharing on social media.

2. How did you get started? The idea came around the time of the Facebook IPO, when we started wondering why we were spending so much time on social media but getting nothing out of it other than social rewards. And on the other side there are so many brands trying to engage convert consumers into loyal advocates but they haven’t figured out the formula. After analyzing the idea and polishing it for a few weeks, we put a team together and began the development of MOWA.

3. Where do you see the mobile landscape in 5 years? We see mobile as the first platform where consumers make shopping decisions for everything they need in their daily lives. We are all people that live on the go, thus our mobile devices have become a great tool to navigate the world more easily. Over the next five years, the services that can be fulfilled through mobile will make our lives much more comfortable. Mobile commerce will be more intuitive, more geo-localized, predictive of the users’ needs, and it will create deeper links between brands and consumers, particularly with up and coming brands.

4. Any wisdom you can share for aspiring female entrepreneurs? As women in business I think we tend to second doubt ourselves and our ideas much more than men do. So I would tell women: If you have an idea on how to solve a problem: go for it! Nothing good comes easy so the road will be tough but the lessons learned will be accounted as the best experience of your life.

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