Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday 5

Welcome to our Friday 5! Friday 5 is the top five articles we have read during the week and the top five jobs we find in mobile. Browse away! 


1. Mobile's Elite: Younger, Richer Than Marketers Realize via
Forrester reports that 22% of American online adults are actually furthest along in this mobile shift, connecting frequently and on multiple devices. Calling this elite group “Adapters, Immersers, and Perpetuals,” Forrester finds that on average, they are 34 and earning more $95,000 per year. They are likely to use dozens of apps daily, and are driven by convenience and impatience. They are also more open, with 43% willing to exchange personal information if they feel they are being rewarded with something of value. (Read full article)

2. Mobile Commerce Meets the Mobile Moms via
Alliance Data surveyed mothers, the majority of whom had one to two children, and found the top reasons that most mothers (56%) use mobile devices to shop is that it’s fast/easy, they have no time to go to a mall or store and they can more easily compare prices. (Read full article)
3. Tumblr Brings Its Native Ad Format To Mobile via
The app gives publishers an opportunity to take over that experience and not have it mediated in quite the same way by Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. I maintain that one of the most important ramifications of the smartphone and tablet revolution is that it calls attention to just how visually crappy and experientially fragmented the Web always has been as a media experience. (Read full article)

  4. Mobile social advertising makes quantum leap forward via
With social media use increasingly taking place from mobile device and smartphone adoption continuing to grow, the convergence of social and mobile holds out significant promise to enable marketers to deliver more contextually-relevant ads. Taken together, the recent advances made by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are helping mobile social deliver on that promise. (Read full article)

  5. Is mobile a more important ad medium than TV? Facebook thinks so via
While mobile is often called the second screen, in reality users are carrying their mobile phones with them everywhere they go throughout the day, using them to consume snippets of content along the way. As a result, many users are spending more time with a mobile screen than they do on traditional media. However, it is not just mobile’s always-on nature that is attractive to marketers. There is also the fact that consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones for shopping-related activities and to engage with social media outlets, opening up brand new, still-to-be-explored opportunities for leveraging mobile. (Read full article)



Regional Sales Manager
Company: Xaxis
Location: New York, NY
Company: Pandora
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Company: Appsavvy
Location: Chicago, IL
Company: Thumbly
Location: Atlanta, GA
Company: Fiksu
Location: Boston, MA

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