Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday 5

Welcome to our Friday 5! Friday 5 is the top five articles we have read during the week and the top five jobs we find in mobile. Browse away!


1. Two-Thirds of Small Business Owners Now Use Mobile Technology by MobileMarketingWatch
Among the small businesses that are using mobile technology, the top two ways are email and social media marketing, and they have a considerable lead over other uses: 73 percent conduct social media marketing 71 percent conduct email marketing (Read full article)

2. Personalization, new technologies top priorities for mobile marketers: MMA Forum 2013 attendees by MobileMarketingWatch
"One concern is the ability to reach their customers in a timely and relevant fashion. They want to reach, but they want to maintain relevancy as well. On the app side, it is about consumer engagement and sending relevant messages. Also, trying to understand how to get the best return on investment." (Read full article)
  3. Study: Mobile Marketing Industry to Employ 1.4 Million In 2015 by Ad Age
Mobile marketing spending is also predicted to increase, jumping from $6.7 billion in 2012 to a nearly $20 billion in 2015 for a compound annual growth rate of 52%.
(Read full article)

4. Publishers focus on centralizing mobile strategy to meet brand needs by BtoB
ALM had seen its audience migrate from BlackBerry phones to iPhones, and the publisher had noticed a distinct digital usage pattern. Attorneys access ALM content on their way to the office, at the end of the workday and before bed—all times of day that they are likely to be using a mobile device. (Read full article)

  5. Mobile Marketing Spend Hits $6.7B In 2012, Forecasts Soar by MediaPost
To highlight the role that mobile marketing is already playing in the economy, the 118-page report noted that such activity added a half a percentage point to total U.S. output last year, when measured against the $33 trillion in domestic sales. That proportion is expected to rise to 1.05% of total output by 2015. (Read full article)

Company: R/GA
Location: New York, NY
Company: Mullen
Location: Boston, MA
Company: Tube Mogul
Location: Emeryville, CA
Company: Tapjoy
Location: Chicago, IL
Company: Modis
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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