Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday 5

Welcome to our Friday 5! Friday 5 is the top five articles we have read during the week and the top five jobs we find in mobile.  Browse away!


 1. Tech Firm Launch Privacy Tools That Can Block Mobile Ads
Edward Kozek, head of engineering and product development at Evidon, said team and their clients didn't want to wait any longer to launch its Ad Control app, either. "Our clients, even non-clients, came to us out of the blue. We had sort of shelved this project waiting for the [DAA] guidelines," he said. "At least six clients last fall or winter" requested the icon system for app ads, he continued. "So, we thought, 'OK, it's game on.'" (Read full article)
2. IAB Releases Ad Specifics, Mobile Creative Guidelines
Among other things, they recommend ad creative to be clearly distinguished from other page content to avoid confusion between advertising and editorial content. They also advise ad images and landing pages should be mobile-optimized and not use Flash technology. The submission time is three days for standard banners and five days for rich media units. (Read full article)

3. No Time To Waste: 6 Mobile Musts
  1. Be clear about your goal. What is the real objective of your campaign? Are you driving people to a store? Getting them to sign up for something? Or are you seeking brand awareness? Being clear about what your goal is will help publishers and other media providers fulfill your IO and produce a campaign that is successful across the board, instead of just meeting impression goals.
  2. Mobilize your website. This is where a great number of users will first see your site. Therefore, your mobile presence is where initial perceptions and opinions will be formed and, if played correctly, it is also where a lot of business will be made. If you don't have a site optimized for mobile, your customers may look elsewhere. (Read full article)

4. Lonely at the Top: Being a Lady Boss Without Mentors
Even though I’d been working with professional women for about a decade, I failed to come up with even one mentor-type figure I felt like calling up for advice. After reading this week's interview with Irene Dorner, CEO of HSBC USA, in the New York Times, I found myself again struggling to name a single female mentor. Though she comes from the business sector and not media, her words rang true: “I suspect that we were simply not very good role models,” Dorner said. “And there aren’t enough of us to be visible so that people can work out how to do what we did.” (Read full article)

5. 15 Stats Brands Should Know About Mobile
Here are a few of the 15 stats that all brands should know about mobile:
  • The U.S. is at 101 percent wireless penetration. (CTIA)
  • 1 billion smartphones will be shipped globally this year. (Gartner)
  • Apple beats all other phone manufacturers in customer satisfaction for smartphones. (J.D. Power and Associates)
  • 59 percent of mobile users are as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV and online ads. (InMobi)
  • 85 percent of mobile users prefer mobile apps over the mobile Web. (Compuware)
  • 75 percent of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom. (11 Mark)
(Read full article)

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