Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday 5

Welcome to our Friday 5! Friday 5 is the top five articles we have read during the week and the top five jobs we find in mobile. Browse away!


1. Mobile Isn't for B2B or B2C, It's for Everyone via
90 percent of people now use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time, and 98 percent of those people move between devices in that same day to accomplish a task. It's in every marketer's interest to be able to reach users with the right message on the right device at the right time. In mobile, just like in search and social, everything is "to consumer" regardless of your type of business. (Read full article)


2. Mobile Is About Enablement, Not Transactions via  
Another company that truly understands the power of mobile is Analysts estimate Amazon gets an estimated 8% of its revenue from mobile channels. The site has become a product information portal for product availability, descriptions, prices, and user reviews. (Read full article)

3. Why real-time bidding can save the mobile ad market via
The overheads of planning and buying a traditional display media campaign cost an agency more than £24,000, a fixed cost regardless of whether the budget is £100 or £1m. And adding just one more line item (ie, a publisher) to a media plan is still a big deal: 42 steps managed by a dozen pairs of hands, which takes the agency roughly 15 hours to execute on. If this manual process is still holding up the growth of display around the world, imagine the impact on mobile. Bearing in mind the relatively small audience sizes and upfront costs, it's no wonder direct mobile sales just haven't been an option. (Read full article)

Is mobile advertising in a similar position that desktop display advertising was ten years ago?  
4. Small Businesses Turning To Digital, Mobile via
Despite the rise in other forms of digital communication, 41% of small businesses are using e-mail to reach consumers -- a nearly 25% jump over last year. Nearly a third have adopted mobile-friendly Web sites (those that are viewed more easily on smartphones), and 36% have begun to use LinkedIn as a way to extend awareness of their business (a 16% increase over last year), while Facebook participation declined slightly. (Read full article)
  5. Buyers Are From Mars, Sellers Are From Venus via  
There are a number of alternative measurement methodologies – last click, post view, fractional attribution and multi-touch attribution – but they’re fraught with their own issues. Giving credit to only the last piece of advertising clicked doesn’t seem right, and giving credit based on a view or a cookie might be even worse. Attribution promises to solve these thorny issues but ultimately requires judgment calls to be made. And judgment calls undermine the point of measuring in the first place. (Read full article)  


Company: DataXu
Location: Chicago, IL
Company: Crackle
Location: Culver City, CA
Company: Mobile Theory
Location: New York, NY
Company: HasOffers
Location: San Fransisco
Company: Millennial Media
Location: Chicago, IL or Atlanta, GA


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