Sunday, September 15, 2013

Multi-City Networking Event - Seattle Recap

On September 10th, the newly created Seattle Women in Wireless Chapter teamed up with T-Mobile’s Women Leadership Network in their Bellevue office to host their 3rd meeting.

A total of 119 women participated in the WiW’s Global Speed Networking Event, where professionals from around the globe unite on the same day to meet, mingle, and discuss current issues relevant to women in the wireless industry. Both
Sheryl Tullis and Charl Lee Pearce led the group in speaking about the mission of Women in Wireless, while Janice Lichtenwaldt joined in to speak on behalf of the T-Mobile Women’s Leadership Network. It was an ideal way to bring together two groups that both want to empower and develop female leaders in mobile and digital media.

After the initial introductions and networking, the women chose a table to sit at that had discussion topics ranging from, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” to “Who should be on your personal advisory board?” After the answers were noted by a self-appointed ‘scribe’ the women moved on to a new table with a new set of questions and participants, maximizing their exposure to different points of view and opportunities to network.
Many of the tables were soon discussing topics participants felt passionate about, as the original questions were designed as a springboard to deeper discussions.

During the event a variety of red and white wines, soft drinks, and light appetizers were generously provided by J.Bookwalter Wines and Maven Meals catering.

The event was organized by the Seattle chapter’s leadership team, which includes Lauren Brown, Taiba Choudhary, Christine Lehrer, Cecily Robyn Lough, Charl Lee Pearce, Annette Barnes Promes, Susan Richwagen, Lisa Sali, Lori Sheldon, Ellyce Shulman, Almut Sidow, Eve Stacy, Sheryl Tullis, and Sonia Wharton.

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Additional photos from the event can be viewed in this public gallery.