Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seattle Social & 2014 Planning - Event Recap

What’s the best kind of holiday party? The low-stress kind!

The Seattle Chapter opened up its December Leadership Team meeting to the public, giving them four great reasons to attend:

1. The WIWSEA leadership team believes annual planning goes better with some vino in hand - so we had great J. Bookwalter wine, pizza, and salad.

2. We wanted the community to have a say in 2014 planning. This was a great time for the membership and prospects to voice their ideas and get involved. We ended up with a great list!

3. As with every event, we collected mobile device donations to raise funds for our community project. We invited people to bring any old flip phones, smart phones or tablets.

4. We know how busy the holiday season gets - so we held an event with no pressure to wrap gifts, bake, or clean!

The result was a fun, vibrant gathering with energetic ladies who had great ideas. We brainstormed events, activities, and content, including ideas such as:
-Healthy Networking - fitness meet-ups for spinning, snowshoeing, yoga, and dragon boats
-Emerging Leaders - outreach to local universities and companies and support of STEM initiatives
-Career Boards - connecting our members with local employment opportunities
One of our key initiatives is a career mentoring program for our corporate sponsor, T-Mobile. During this social we signed up a bunch of leaders to host Lean In Circles, which will launch in the new year.

Huge thanks to Launch Consulting Group ( for providing space and food. Launch decorated for the event with red & green wine bottles, generously donated by J. Bookwalter.

Special bonus - J. Bookwalter is offering a holiday deal on gift boxes - these are great as corporate gifts or to spread good cheer with anyone you really like. Get them here:

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