Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Women in Wireless Chicago Relaunch!

The Women in Wireless Chicago Chapter is back! Get tickets to the relaunch event here.

Mentoring, leadership, professionalism and work-life balance. Traits all of us have, but could always use a little boost and inspiration. Please join the Women in Wireless Chicago Chapter and our excellent panel of seasoned pros as we discuss these and other career development techniques. Come for the panel and stay for the networking! We hope to meet you there!

  • What: Real Talk for Our Relaunch
  • When: Wednesday, November 4th from 6-8pm
  • Cost: $10 Earlybird // $12 as of 11/2/15
  • Where: Enolo Wine Cafe (450 N Clark Street)
  • Panel Members:
    • Courtney Tabellione (Regional Vice President of Sales at xAd, Central)
    • Stacy Bohrer (Sr. Director of Central Region, The Trade Desk)
    • Camille Fetter (President & Managing Partner, TalentFoot)
  • Hashtag: #WiWChi

Courtney Tabellione is RVP Sales for xAd.  She is a brand marketing champion who has always focused on a consumer first approach.  She challenges the status quo to think differently and push her industry forward. 
A constant student, she began her career with learning the foundation of marketing during her time at UPSHOT and DDB.  She’s taken this agency experience and used it to evolve her career to the publisher/platform side at BusinessWeek, AOL, Tapjoy and now xAd.  
At xAd she’s built out the Central region and is actively involved in understanding and identifying creative ways to leverage the advancements with mobile location and using this knowledge to helps clients advance their business goals.
Courtney is a Chicago resident, mother of two girls and enjoys being active.
Stacy Bohrer is Senior Director of Business Development for The Trade Desk, an omnichannel platform in the $20B programmatic industry. In her role as BD lead of The Trade Desk’s Chicago office, Stacy works with her team to build client relationships with agencies across the Midwest.
Stacy is passionate about partnering with agencies to navigate programmatic and evolve their business models. She established The Trade Desk’s business development function out of Chicago in 2013, quickly building the company’s portfolio and establishing The Trade Desk as the platform of choice among programmatic buyers in the region.
Stacy has worked across all facets of advertising in her career, including roles in display, ad serving, social, and radio. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University.
 Camille Fetter has been an executive recruiter for over 10 years and has a track record of helping organizations build high-impact executive leadership teams. Her thorough understanding of the digital ecosystem, brand, agency and vendor side, continues to make her successful regardless of the nature of the search. 

Camille is specifically dedicated to the firm’s retained and executive-level search assignments including Director, Vice President, President and C-level hiring needs.
She leads a team of executive recruiters nationwide specialized in digital marketing, media & advertising sales. The firm partners with corporations, agencies, online publishers, and digital technology providers of all sizes, nationwide.

Prior to founding TalentFoot Executive Search, Camille led the digital marketing and media practice at one of the country's largest global executive search firms. She was the first hire in the Midwest to build the search firm's marketing practice. She led the firm to exceed its business and financial objectives in a competitive market. In this
role, she consistently reached Platinum Elite status, the highest honor at the firm, among several other accolades.

During her career as an executive recruiter, she has repeatedly matched stellar candidates with blue-chip clients with unsurpassed enthusiasm. Camille’s intense digital business focus, complemented by her engaging personality is what has led her to success, which has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Fetter currently serves on the Executive Board of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association (CIMA) as the Vice President of Corporate Relations. She has been featured in AOL, MSN Careers, Crain’s Business New York, CareerBuilder, TheLadders and Today's Chicago Woman.

A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Camille holds a B.S. in Advertising and a minor in Technology, Art & Media. She lives in Chicago with her husband and enjoys golf, tennis and skiing in her free time.

Special thanks to our Sponsors for making our Relaunch possible!
xAd provides real-time, location-based marketing, without the guesswork. Since 2009, xAd has grown from four founders to hundreds of employees across three continents that serve millions of consumers and marketers.
TalentFoot is a boutique executive search firm at the center of digital talent nationwide. For companies, brands and agencies of all types and sizes, TalentFoot can plan, source, build and fortify teams of elite digital marketing, sales and media talent quickly, seamlessly and successfully.


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