Tuesday, February 9, 2016

WiW Superstars | January 2016

WiW Superstars is a new program that recognizes women that have gone above and beyond to make WiW a success. Each month, we feature up to three women leaders in our WiW newsletter, on our website and in social media. We want the world to know the WiW leaders and the contributions they make to their community. As an added bonus, WiW Superstars get executive coaching from our WiW Advisory Board to enhance professional development and promote long-term career success. The women selected for January have gone above and beyond for WiW. They have embodied the pillars of our organization: connect, inspire and empower. Please join us in congratulating: Lara Mehanna and Caroline Watts!

Lara Mehanna is GM US, VP Sales & Business Development for Sonata by TAPTAP, the first global
advertising platform focused on delivering hyperlocal awareness and results, for national and global advertisers. Lara is a digital media veteran with over eight years of experience in mobile marketing. Lara is also Co-Head of the WiW NYC Chapter focusing on Sponsorship, Finance and Philanthropy. We want to recognize Lara for her work as the founding Co-Head of WiW NYC. Lara works tirelessly to run the NYC Chapter. She is known as the "Rain-Maker" when it comes to securing sponsorships, which are critical for enabling the quality WiW events that NYC has come to be known for. Lara is a dynamic and devoted Co-Head whose guidance has inspired the NY chapter leadership and continues to propel the growth of the chapter.

Caroline Watts is the Senior Marketing Manager at RevJet, a Creative Side Platform (CSP) for digital advertising that helps marketers be more efficient with their media spend. Caroline is a rising star in digital media who has been building her career on the wave of programmatic advertising. Caroline part of the WiW Global Marketing team responsible for the WiW newsletter that you all love. We want to recognize Caroline for getting our email newsletter program back off the ground! Caroline only joined the Global Leadership Team 3 months ago, but has done an incredible job organizing and distributing the newsletter. She is a solution-oriented person who is positive, motivated and dedicated to the work she is creating.

 Thanks again Lara and Caroline! If you see WiW leaders going above and beyond AND embodying the core pillars (connect, inspire and empower), please nominate them to be WiW Superstars for February.


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