Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The MADWomen Podcast Featuring Ning Gao-Condon

We are MADWomen - Mobile and Digital Women - who love amplifying the voices of women in our industry, so we created The MADWomen Podcast to share their inspiration and lessons learned.

In this MADWomen episode, we speak with Ning Gao-Condon, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Client Services at iQuanti, a digital performance optimization agency. As a digital transformation strategist, Ning's career has focused on the cutting edge of innovation. She's advised brands such as American Express, McKinsey, Comcast, Ford, Lincoln, Citi, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, AT&T, and AOL. 

Ning points out in this riveting interview how she learned English in her mid-twenties when she came to the United States and therefore, in addition to frequently being the only woman at the table, she was also the only Asian woman with an accent at the table. 

Hear how this experience led her to embrace a genderless approach in her work life and why she recommends developing male allies in your network.  Her motto is "Life is a journey. Have good company." 

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